Labor and Development Party of Afghanistan -(Hezb-e- Kar va Toseeh Afghanistan)

Date of Publication : Saturday 5 April 2008 12:08
Labour and Develompent Party of Afghanistan is one of those newly born ones which came into being subsequent to political parties' law by Zulfaghar Khan Omid in March 2002 and registered in Ministry of Justice on 23/2/1383. The party whose spokesman is Ahmad allah Nabi was first commenced its activities under the title of "National Reconciliation Party". The third point of its statute indicates: "Labor and Development Party of Afghanistan is unaffiliated, democrat , having faith in principles of Islam and strives for ensuring democracy, basics of pluralism, unification, labor and development, equality of both males and females citizens, advancement of civil society and legitimating people's power." Some goals of the party stated in its statute comprise forgiveness and tolerance culture, independence and territorial integrity, headway and generalization of people-headed principles, attention to education, nation-wide and national government, anti-terrorism and narcotic drugs campaign, equal participation of men and women in all areas and …. General objectives of Labor and Development Party of Afghanistan have been summarized in its statute on the basis of national unification, justice, human rights, national and international policy, science and industry, economy and terrorism. Regarding national unification it says "The most significant strategy of the party is focused on paving grounds and conversations on national unification and national understanding so that all different social institutions and circles pay great attentions to common basis and interests to admit this widespread principle for common life." Concerning human rights the statute of the party cites "The party makes attempts to realize and develop human rights' criteria and principles clearly and effectively founded on high and worthwhile culture and values of a religious community." The statute of  Labor and Development Party of Afghanistan has been complied in five chapters and 19 articles and its organizational structure includes a head, two deputies, a spokesman, a secretary, eleven people for administrative board, twenty members for executive council and a hundred members in central council. Zulfaghar Khan Omid the head of Labor and Development Party, offspring of Wakil Musa Khan was born in Uruzgan in August, 1979, he is familiar with Farsi, Pashto and English languages. He completed his secondary education in Balah high school in Quate, Pakistan and received his B.A in the field of Science and Computer from Science College. Mr, Omid having English language diploma as well as some other skills was one founders of Qalam cultural society (Ofogh) in 1994, and one of three originators of Yough National Solidarity (Hamja) in 1998 and founder of Ofogh welfare society NGO in 2000. Omid has been a literacy and language teacher among refugees, instructor of Afghan culture and customs for foreigners and also as education responsible in UNICEF.   
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