Afghanistan Independence Party (Hezbe Esteghlal Afghanistan)

Date of Publication : Saturday 5 April 2008 11:38
Subsequent to approval of Parties laws, Afghanistan Independence Party led by Professor Doctor Qulam Farugh Najarbi was established and on 25/12/1382 was registered. Concerning the main aims and organizational structure of the party, Mr, Najrabi has written that his party has originated from the efforts of Sayyid Jamaluddin Afghani, Sayyid Nour Mohammad Shah, Navab Mohammad Zaman Khan, Wazi Akabar Khan, Sardar Ayoub Khan, Mir Masjedi Khan and …which was reconstructed by their followers in 1340!!?. Respected readers and researchers are expected to judge whatever his claim may be. What which is clear regarding his writings about the objectives and plans of Afghanistan Independence Party is that this party is having Islamic and national tendencies. Membership qualifications to the party have been stated in 6th point of which says "Members of the party are all Muslims and ready to give their lives for adjustment of pillars of Islam." Restoration of lost regions of Afghanistan through international negotiations and understanding has been declared in 28th point as one of principle objectives and organizational structure of Afghanistan Independence Party. It is not possible to quote the complete or even part of principle objectives and organizational structure context of Afghanistan Independence Party which is compiled in six chapters and 82 points due to many misspellings and concept inadequacies. Doctor Qulam Farugh Najarbi son of Abdul Qodus, the leader of Independence Party, has M.S (Master or sciences) in the field of general surgery, neurosurgery and cardiac surgery. He was nominated for the first presidency.
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