Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan

Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan came into being on 30th June 2002 (941380LHY) during a press conference held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabulby Qazi Mohammad Kabir Marzban first under the designation of Resistance Council and then was called Justice Council. Later on it was changed to Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan and was registered in Ministry of Justice on May 9, 2004 (2021383LHY).
Date of Publication : Sunday 16 March 2008 07:54
(1) Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan is led by Qazi Mohammad Kabir Marzban was officially established within a great conference in at the Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday, July 27, 2004 (6/5/1383LHY).
It consists of 52 members who founded the Party, 99 members who form the high council of the party from whom 15 constitute the executive council of the party. Qazi Mohammad Kabir Marzban, leader of the Party, Mulavi Ahmad Nazar Balkhi, former labor and social affairs minister, as deputy of the party, Mulavi Abdulbaqi Turkestani, secretary of the party, Engineer Mohammad Barat, the head of organization, Mulana Qamaroldin, financial manager, Hanji Mohammad Aslam, inspection head, Makhdom Sayfuldin Samet, youth head, Qazi Qulam Rabani Adib, cultural head, Ostad Adineh Jan Elyasi, women affairs head, Mulavi Qulrahman Qulruq, member of executive council, Engineer Mohammad Nasim Mahdi, member of executive council, Professor Abdul Qader Edalat Khah, member of executive council, Professor Rahim Beik Yaqubi, member of executive council, and Mohammad Ajmal Basharyar, in charge of youth affairs in Islamic Justice party have been announced.
The constitution of the Party indicates it to be ain Islamic one whose leaders posses Jehadi background. The constitution of the party had been compiled in 7 chapters and 32 articles. Organizational structure involves public assembly, high and executive councils containing 13 offices including leader, deputies and secretaries. Qazi Mohammad Kabir Marzban the leader of the Party is the son of Naeeb Jomah Khan was born in Dorghad governing area in Takhar province in 1955 (1334LHY), educated in Abu Hanife school in Kabul. He was imprisoned for half a year by Communist Regime in 1978 (1357LHY), when released from jail in 1980 (1359LHY) joined Mojahedeen group, taking the responsibility Jehadi ruling in Dorghad, Yanqi Qaleh and Khajeh Bahaodin regions. Marzban was the commander of sect 55 in Takhar province during Mojahedeen rule, following the establishment of Karzai's transitional government he was nominated as a counselor in tribes affairs and later on as the governor of Takhar in 2003 (1382LHY0.        
1- Payam Edalat weekly, Islamic Justice Party of Afghanistan publication, second year, issues 24-25, Saturday, 7th August, 2004 ( Asad 1383LHY), Islamic Justice Party constitution and article of association booklet. 
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