Khaled Mashaal

Date of Publication : Thursday 3 January 2008 08:51
Born: 1956
Birthplace: Near Ramallah, Palestine
Hamas bureau chief in Damascus
Born in Palestine, Mashaal\\`s family was forced to relocate to Kuwait during the Israeli invasion of 1967. He was a Palestinian student leader at the University of Kuwait, where he graduated with a degree in Physics and eventually became a professor. With the Iraqi invasion in 1990, he fled again to Jordan, where he dedicated himself to Hamas. He survived an assassination attempt on 25-Sep-1997, in which agents of the Israeli Mossad injected him with an unknown chemical. Jordanian King Hussein I intervened on his behalf, citing a 1994 peace treaty, and Israel was forced to supply the antidote for Mashall and release Sheikh Ahmed Yassin from prison in exchange for the liberation of the two Israeli assassins. Soon after recuperating, Mashall was expelled to Qatar, from there he went to Damascus, where he worked as the local Hamas bureau chief.
Son: Four sons and three daughters
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